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canada goose coats on sale You want to grind up gems for this rather quickly (which pulling QCK Gear 4 Luffy can really help with). Here a list of the top legends you can pull from it.STR Big MomDEX SaboINT Akainu (even better when paired with INT Shanks)QCK Enel (though some may say he needs certain subs to really shine)DEX RayleighPSY AokijiFeel free to ask more questions!Wait, what? INT Shanks (this one) is a great unit. I say he even better when paired with INT Akainu because while they both very strong legends, they have amazing synergy.Akainu has a 2.25x orb boost, the highest in the game (not counting TM Big Mom, but her boost comes with massive drawbacks), and he gives full board matching orbs, even through block orbs.Shanks has a 2.25x ATK boost as long as you bring 4 or more INT (or STR) units AND a 0.9 chain boost, the second highest in the game.What this ends up being is incredibly powerful, freeing up several slots that other units can fill for different purposes like utility, making these two one of the most powerful combinations in the game canada goose coats on sale.