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canada goose The official could not confirm whether Haspel had listened to an alleged audio recording of the killing. Pro government media in Turkey reported officials have such a recording, but its existence has not been confirmed.On Thursday, conflicting reports surfaced about whether investigators had searched a well in the garden of Saudi Arabia consulate as part of their probe.Investigators emptied the well and are awaiting the results of an analysis of the water to determine whether body parts were dumped there, according to Yeni Safak, a pro government Turkish newspaper.Turkish media have also published canada goose outlet a security camera image allegedly showing a vehicle belonging to the Saudi Consulate “scouting” a forest in the outskirts of Istanbul before Khashoggi was killed. The image, obtained by state television TRT and other media on Wednesday, shows a black car with a diplomatic license plate at an entrance to Belgrade Forest.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said Saudi officials made “reconnaissance” trips to the forest as well as the city of Yalova a day before Khashoggi was killed. canada goose

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